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Hong Kong - Offshore Jurisdiction

HONG KONG is a Special Administrative Region ("SAR") of China where the tax and legal system is using traditional British Law, with modifications to suit the environment in Hong Kong and in China. Hong Kong is considered as the gateway to China and most clients established Hong Kong companies in view to further business with China or establishment in China. If the company is having non-Hongkong source of income, it is non-taxable (subject to the assessment of the Inland Revenue Department). The tax rate is low when compared with other jurisdictions. A standard private limited company is usually incorporated with an authorised capital of HKD10,000.00 [MORE backgrounds of Hong Kong]

Tailor-made a Hong Kong company lets you:-
  • No tax on company with offshore source income (subject to final assessment)
  • Privacy of Shareholders &/or Directors names using nominee services
  • May register the name in Chinese - Save in the cost of translation
  • Widely accepted in the Mainland
  • Permitted to hold shares in other companies
Basic requirements of a Hong Kong company:-
  • one shareholder (either corporate or individuals, locally based or overseas)
  • one director (either corporate or individuals, locally based or overseas)
  • one company secretary resident in Hong Kong
  • one auditor who practises in Hong Kong (may be appointed later)
  • registered office in Hong Kong
  • apply for Business Registration Certificate
  • file profits tax and employer's returns annually
  • present audited accounts to shareholders for adoption annually
  • hold a shareholders¡¦ Annual General Meeting
  • file annual return stating company's directorship, shareholders, secretaryship and company's capital structure.

Tailormade Prices (Plan C)
  • First year Hong Kong Government License fee and formation costs, Business Registration fee (HK$2,250), Company Secretary services, Registered Office services and Registered Office normal annual airmail postage are included. But incorporation mailing & IDD, if applicable, are not included above (Government fee is subject to change as announced)
  • Includes Incorporation Speedpost charges.
  • Above plans include certificate of incorporation (government incorporation fee included), of memorandum of articles and association, share certificate, registers of officers and company chop.
  • Formation services include the preparation of documents for the appointment of 1-3 director(s) & registering 1 shareholder, prepare first meeting etc. If there are more than 3 directors or 1 shareholder, we may charge for the extras.
  • Formation minimum requirements:
    The company can have 1 director and 1 shareholder. Registered Office and Company Secretary must be in Hong Kong.
  • Annual Maintenance Fee (as from 2nd year):
    Annual maintenance fee is US$1,430 (subject to change as announced) is due on each anniversity date of the incorporation date of the company. It includes Annual Government Business Registration Fee (HK$2,450), Annual Return (declaration of company structure, not profits tax return) Government filing fee, annual Company Secretary services, annual Registered Office services and Registered Office normal annual airmail postage.
  • Company secretarial services : the preparation & filing of Annual Return (not tax Return), preparation of documents for AGM, preparation & filing of documents for the change of particulars of director(s) and Registered Office address. Other changes like transfer of shares, share allotment, change of director(s) and attend meetings etc.. are treated as adhoc assisgnments and will be separately quoted.
  • Registered office address services : for receiving/re-directing government correspondence for the compliance of Laws and regulations. If client requires to use it on business cards etc., we are providing mailing address services at separate charge.

Incorporation (incl. HK Bank a/c Opening):
(Required sending us original Identity doc)
Incorporation (incl. subscriber services*
& HK Bank a/c Opening):
* No need to send us original identify docs.
Incorporation only:
(Required sending us original Identity doc)
Add: Express services charges for additional shareholder during incorporation (@ per shareholder)
Add: Bank Mailing Address Services
Add: Apostilled Doc (same time with incorp)
- including CI, M&A, B/R and Form NC1
Add: Nominee Shareholder (per 2 yr / shr.)
Add: Courier fee to Special Region/Area

Other Value Added Services:-

Order your company NOW!

You tell... we tailor.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in offshore operations. If you find above helpful, please free to contact us.

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